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Holidays in Djerba

An island of ten thousand palm trees, rising from the sea like a mirage, this ‘Polynesia of the Mediterranean’ is ringed by miles of fine sandy beaches and luxury hotels, either ultra modern or built in the fashion of the traditional Djerbian "menzel".

Splendid in its diversity, Djerba offers a variety of sea sports, Roman sites, a pirates’ castle, the ancient synagogue of the Griba and, of course, centuries old mosques. Potters and silversmiths, still faithful to the art of their craft, bustle around the open air markets. Discover the shady gardens of the interior with orchards of fig, apple and pomegranate trees. Wander through groves of olive trees, gnarled trunks bearing witness to past centuries.

Restaurants throughout Djerba serve seafood famed for its freshness and traditional dishes that can be savored on shady patios or on cool waterside patios.

The magnificent weather, warm in winter and hot in summer, lends itself to a variety of sports and activities - sail to the island of the pink flamingo, windsurf year round, or tour the island by bicycle in the spring and autumn.

Hospitable and friendly, Djerba welcomes you to participate in its festivals - watch the "Gougou" dancers in Midoun, join a wedding procession following the bride hidden high on a camel and preceded by the joyous music of tambourines and flutes. Steal a few precious moments to share the splendor of a Mediterranean sunset with fishermen casting their nets. Refreshed and relaxed, return again and again.

Djerba is an hour’s flying time from Tunis and a 6 hour drive from Monastir airport.